Born on death row – my short story

I was tired, exhausted, but anxiety dominated and rendered the escape of sleep redundant. My feet, cold and crippled on the floor of my concrete cell. I was so used to the pain that I’d discarded my cries after an eternity of being engulfed by darkness. I could hear the whimpers of others rising up into the already dense fog of despair.

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Why the fuck am I vegan? – The downside they don’t tell you about.

People don’t tell you about the downside. They talk about the incredible health benefits, and the reduction of risk for heart disease and cancers. They talk about how it supports the planet because animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, species extinction, habitat loss, ocean dead zones and greenhouse gas emissions. They tell you about how you’re no longer contributing to the horrific torture, mutilation and misery in the everyday lives of innocent animals and the horror they endure in the slaughterhouse.

Granted. There’s no denying that.

So then being vegan must be awesome… right?!

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How to not throw pens at people’s heads…

I used to work for a large and incredibly busy organisation where I got on well with my colleagues. Well, except for one. Whenever I was in a meeting with this person, they were rude and angry and always keen to pick holes in others for the most trivial things, and I’d find myself feeling irritated and negative and annoyed with an overwhelming urge to throw pens at their head.

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